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The Virtual Assistant online service you never knew you needed!

So, the kids are back at school and the mornings are definitely getting chillier. With Halloween clearly on the horizon, I can’t be the only one whose thoughts have turned to Christmas, can I?! Is it wrong that I have already started drafting present lists and asked my sister if she wants to get a shopping day in the diary for October??

Organisation is my middle name

I know, I know, it’s September I hear you cry! I just can’t help it I’m sorry, I am hard-wired to be an organiser – heck, I make a living out of it as a Virtual Assistant!

But, I have to be organised. The run-up to Christmas is chaotic with endless requests from, and events at school, and one daughter or the other is usually dancing for the whole of December in panto. I am sure that it is just as busy for you, not only on a personal level but on a professional one too as a Virtual Assistant, with needing to organise elements of Christmas for your clients as well as yourself.

What would you outsource?

As Virtual Assistants, we are so typically the ones who are outsourced to. Ultimately our jobs are all about making our clients’ lives easier. We ensure that the Virtual Assistant online service we offer to their business is carried out as efficiently as possible and being at the heart of their business, we are often in the privileged position of being able to spot areas for improvement.

So what if I told you that you could outsource all your clients’ Christmas card writing and improve their business at the same time?

Impress your clients’ customers with handwritten cards

How did your clients do Christmas cards last year? Did they write them? Did you? Was an email sent in lieu of a handwritten card? Or did they just not send anything?

I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute sucker for not only a) receiving cards and b) receiving snail mail! However, writing them, not so much of a fan!! This is why I was absolutely thrilled to stumble across the service offered by Handwrytten.

The perfect personalised solution

As Virtual Assistants, we work virtually and so rarely, if ever, see our clients in person to have them sign a card. And ok so there are ways you can send cards and correspondence on behalf of your clients but I bet none of them are a patch on this service by Handwrytten.

Not only is the writing indistinguishable from human writing, but there is also the option to replicate your own handwriting and signature! How about that for personalised.

You can even include gift cards or business cards and customise the design to your heart’s content to get it just perfect for your client’s needs.

Save yourself time and simultaneously build relationships!

That sounds like a win-win to me! A handwritten card feels so heartfelt, and let’s face it – a card is not just for Christmas! Think of all those other transactions your client experiences where a handwritten card would be a beautiful gesture on their part.

In the digital era, a handwritten card really could make all the difference and give them a stand-out edge over their competition.

Maybe you work as a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate and a well-timed thank you card for real estate client could be just the ticket to sealing a long-term relationship with that buyer. Your client’s business is built on the relationships they develop and personalised touches such as letters of thanks this can go a long way to consolidating collaborations.

What else could you personalise for your clients?

The options are limitless and once you are past Christmas cards and the post-Christmas thank you cards, what else is there that could benefit from the personal touch?

Birthday cards? Congratulations cards? Discounts for future purchases? The options really are limitless. I am sure that once you give them a try, they will turn out to be the Virtual Assistant online service you never knew you needed in your life!