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A day in the life of a Virtual Assistant

A day in the life of a Virtual Assistant

I have wanted to do a post like this for a while, talking you through a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant. I have put it off though, I guess because there is no typical day….but that’s the beauty of it! There are no two days the same and I love the variety that comes with my Virtual Assistant business because of that.

However, I get a lot of questions as a result of people’s curiosity about the role and the lifestyle, so I thought I would finally get something down to give you an idea at least.

My freelance days

I generally work on my Virtual Assistant business on Sunday evenings and school hours Monday and Tuesday plus the odd hour here and there during weekday evenings. But the weekday evenings do tend to be more work on my business i.e. writing blogs, replying to messages etc, rather than client work. I am then in my employed work on Wednesday and Thursday school hours and a full day on a Friday.

This is what happened this Monday

I got up at 7.30am and left for my youngest’s school run at 8.30am. My eldest daughter gets herself up and out for the bus to high school and my husband keeps away from all of us girls and leaves before we head out to school.

First stop….

I walked back home and jumped straight in the car where I have already loaded my laptop and I drove two miles to a local town where they have a Costa. It was the first day back after the Easter break and I fancied getting out of the house and feeling like I was out ‘at work!’. I parked up and a mum who I know has parked behind me. I hadn’t seen her in over a year so we had a quick chat. She was off to an extra job she had picked up on Mondays to help with the bills at the moment. I felt grateful that I too am in a position to be earning extra money outside of my regular employment whilst times are so hard.

First tasks

At the start of 2023 I made a pact to put more focus on growing my Virtual Assistant business as I would love to write more and earn more from my Virtual Assistant blog. And part of this focus is doing the social media scheduling for my business before I start on my clients. So once I am sat down with my oat milk latte, I do my own posts!

I then send two clients their posts for approval which I had done the night before . I send them via Whatsapp so hadn’t wanted to disturb their evenings! Next up was adding some events to Google for a client who is a tutor and running mock exams and I made a start on the batches of posts I do for a marketing consultant client. She sends me topics and I turn them into posts! I did two of her clients out of the thirteen and call it a day in Costa.

Combining journeys

There is an Aldi on my way home and so I stopped off for a whirlwind weekly shop. I have this down to a fine art now – I was done and dusted in 20 minutes! Absolute glamour worked into the day in the life of this Virtual Assistant!!

Home for lunch

I unpacked the shopping, had some lunch, put the slow cooker on for tea (my secret weapon for our disjointed mealtimes) and replied to comments I had received on a social media post from that morning. I checked some blogging sites for work and then after lunch I cracked on with some more client work before a call at 1.30pm

A new client call!

I say a new client call, but as the new client is a friend, the first hour was a massive catch up. My friend and I met on the same hospitality degree course at uni and even lived together in our final year. She now has a property portfolio which includes two Airbnb properties and I am going to be doing a Facebook page and Instagram account for them both. We ended up being on the phone for two hours – an hour catch up and an hour discussing lots of ideas for the pages and her business and to be honest, we could have carried on but her little boy needed waking from his nap and I needed to pick up my youngest!

After school taxi service

My business comes into it’s own after school hours. My flexibility and availability means that my girls are able to attend lessons which would have been closed off to them if I had stayed in my full time trainer role. So a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant in reality is also half a day in the life of a mum taxi!

On a Monday my youngest has football training and my eldest has an hour dance lesson. I picked my youngest up 3.30pm and once home set her up with a snack to watch some TV. I did another hour’s work in the kitchen then dished up tea, did my eldest’s hair for dance when she came in from calling in at her grandparents on the way home, said a quick hello to my hubby when he arrived home and then we set off for footy. That finished at 7pm; I swung by home to drop her off before heading up the road to collect my eldest at 7.30pm and phew, my work for the day was done. Whilst I was out, my husband had taken the eldest to dance, sorted the kitchen and got our littlest to bed.

A bit more work

As my call had taken up two hours of client work time, I did more client work on Monday evening. I do try to keep my work to school hours, but actually if I don’t manage to then it’s no big deal. I am actually more alert in the evenings than I am in the afternoons sometimes so in a way it plays to my strengths!

In conclusion

I hope this has given you some insight into a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant! As I mentioned at the start of the post, there is no regular day as your work will be determined by your clients and how many hours a week you work. But one thing is for sure, working freelance gives you some super flexibility, which for the stage I am at in life, is completely priceless for our family.

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