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Reasons you need to consider business cards to up your networking game!

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I genuinely remember the first time I saw business cards with my name on! It was 2006 and I had started my very first job post-university as an Events Co-ordinator at a city centre hotel in York. Part of my role was to give show-rounds of the facilities to potential clients, and I used to love dishing out a business card at the end of a meeting. I felt so proud and ‘business-like’ at the tender age of 22! My own business cards – I had made it! It should come as no surprise to hear that I have kept it.

Most other jobs I have had since then have also come with a little box of business cards, so really when thinking about it it is pretty odd that I have never considered getting one for my Virtual Assistant business!

When was the last time you were asked for your details?

For me, it was a week before Christmas at a social event for my daughter’s football team. Another mum in the football team has her own wellbeing business and has no time for social media. She asked who I was on social media etc so she could follow me. We both got our phones out and she found and followed me, but it did feel clunkier that it should have been. Then when I thought about it further, I realised it is also not easy to find my email address from my socials. It is on there (somewhere!) but you know how easily people are switched off if they can’t find the information they need, like immediately!!

Business cards are the way forward

It really did hit me after this chat that I should have business cards printed for my Virtual Assistant business! It’d been in the back of my mind already after walking round some Christmas markets, where I had picked up cards for all kinds of businesses. Maybe I had thought with me operating in the digital space and working remotely that I didn’t need them? How ridiculous when I end up talking about what I do so regularly to people who I meet! Remember me mentioning how a nurse I saw at my GP’s practice even took my details for her personal facial aesthetics business?? Opportunities for networking are everywhere and business cards absolutely have a place with business related face-to-face interaction! I’ll keep a stash in my bag or purse and be ready to hand one out whenever the opportunity arises!

Benefits of business cards

  • It gives prospective clients a professional impression of your business.
  • All your contact details are in one place, giving different options for people to contact you whatever their preference is. This in turn makes it easier for them to find you.
  • It potentially expands your network further – people see your card on the side in their house or at their workplace etc.
  • It gives you an easy option for pinning to local noticeboards you come across. There is one at my daughter’s dance school for example, and at our local coffee shop.

Where can I order business cards?

I have come across Aura Print who are a UK based company with phenomenal reviews on Google for their customer service, quality of product and turnaround and delivery timescales. Their product offering is actually insane!!

There are over 300 potential design configurations you can choose from if you decide to use their business card configuration tool. Or alternatively you can turn to their in-house design team for a completely bespoke look! They even offer a free sample pack such as this metallic foiling pack pictured below, which I have to say I really love the look of.

Each foil sample pack contains 10 different unique foil shades and samples of all the different paper types they can foil. Sample packs are also available on other products if another type of card takes your fancy!

Why stop at business cards?

I know that either you or your clients are bound to have the need for printed products at some point. Clients of mine in the past have needed banners, booklets, vouchers, loyalty cards, flyers, even paper cups printing so I would highly recommend you check out the rest of the Aura Print website so when that time inevitably arises in your Virtual Assistant business, you are prepared.

They offer absolutely tons of business related products such as branded stationary, roller banners, posters, expo stands, signs, packaging, flyers and stickers to mention just a few. Then there are the items for personal use such as wedding stationary, and how about personalised bookmarks or playing cards as a gift! There really is something for everyone!

How can I contact them?

It’s just an excuse to share the bottom of their beautiful sample pack to be honest, as you can find all of their contact details on their website which is linked from this blog. But here they are in all their glory on the sample pack box.

It is also worth noting that they have a USA version of their website, which you can easily toggle to.

Happy printing!

(Paid collaboration with Aura Print)

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