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Can you afford not to take my new Virtual Assistant training course?

virtual assistant training course

I’ll level with you; I never took a Virtual Assistant training course. I started out just dipping my toe in the freelancing water to begin with. I’d be doing the odd project at silly rates during maternity leave; it was just to earn some extra cash to tide us over.

I never had a clear starting point to my business. Neither did I set myself goals or targets because my income from freelancing was ‘extra’. But this strategy saw me selling myself short and getting stuck with clients that weren’t a great fit for me.

The good news for you though, is that I have learned what works and what doesn’t. How to set yourself up for success and how to avoid the pitfalls. And even better, I have tied it all up in a neat bow for you with my new course – ‘How to find clients for your Virtual Assistant (VA) business

The course in a nutshell

This course aims to take the stress out of finding clients for your Virtual Assistant business. It will teach you strategies to build your online presence so that your flow of incoming work is consistent.

These are tried and tested methods which have worked for me over the past eight years of my business and are strategies which you can deploy immediately after completing the course!

Here’s what you will learn on the Virtual Assistant training course

  • How to set up a profile and find work on a freelance work website
  • The benefits voluntary work can bring to the table – how to utilise skills from any groups you are already involved with, or find opportunities to build new skills
  • The power of online reviews in building the credibility of your business…..and how to ask for them
  • How to ask for people to recommend you, and what to do when you are recommended
  • A detailed look at Facebook for business, also visiting the benefits of Instagram
  • The benefits of having a website for your business and what opportunities blogging for business can bring.
  • Plus additional resources in each section to make planning and implementing your action as easy as possible!

What students have had to say about it

This Virtual Assistant training course is currently rated as five star on it’s hosting site!

Previous students have said about me as a trainer, “I’ve enjoyed completing this course. Jen has a lovely engaging quality and friendly screen presence which makes the course easy to engage with. Her journey is inspiring and demonstrates the possibilities of developing a freelance career. As someone who has not been self-employed before it was extremely helpful to hear Jen’s journey to acquiring clients, especially as she needed to be as flexible as possible to suit her family’s needs. As a result of working through this course, I feel that I could now start on this journey as the content and guidance has given me the confidence to seriously consider an online career.”

Invest in yourself!

Will you already know some of what is covered, very possibly. But what about the places you haven’t got a presence or the opportunities you aren’t exploiting? There could just be that golden nugget, lightbulb moment located within the course just waiting to change your business and very possibly, your life.

Imagine taking my course and finding a new client that day. Your investment would be immediately covered! That’s the reality of this Virtual Assistant training course – the strategies are so easily implementable.

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