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Be stuck no more with my helpful Virtual Assistant Instagram post ideas!

Virtual Assistant Instagram Post Ideas

Chances are that this week you have already hit a brick wall when it comes to Virtual Assistant Instagram post ideas for your business!

Well, you are not alone! I spend all my time in my Virtual Assistant business creating social media posts for my clients, for exactly the same reason. They know they need to be on social media but don’t have the time or the content ideas to keep creating Instagram posts consistently.

The good news is that with the support of this post and very little effort required, you will be able to fill your schedule week to week. From which design platforms to use to how to recycle existing content, I have you covered!

Share a customer review

Now, this is a rather sweeping generalisation, but we Brits aren’t good at sharing our best bits – we are rather modest as a species. But when you work for yourself, you have to be comfortable in doing so. And absolutely you should! You have worked darn hard for that client in order for them to leave you a review. So be proud and shout loud about it! A screenshot and share, or a retype into a post will both work well, with copy to say thank you and something along the lines of ‘reviews like this make your day’.

Post a photo or video of ‘behind the scenes’

These types of Instagram posts always go down really well. Audiences love to see the real you! Whether it’s simply a selfie at your laptop on a Monday morning, wishing everyone a great week ahead. Or it’s a more tongue-in-cheek post such as when I shared my ‘studio’ for filming my course (AKA an ironing board in my daughter’s bedroom, with duvets all over the floor for sound reasons), your audience will love it.

Share an ‘about me’

These posts are great on a loop. You can share them every few weeks or months to welcome new audience members to your account and to tell them a bit about you! People love to connect with real people and faces. Share a link to the ‘about me’ page on your website if you have one too.

Facts about your niche

It could be how many hours are saved by hiring a Virtual Assistant, how many Virtual Assistants there are now compared to ten years ago, what sectors Virtual Assistants are mainly found in etc. It helps your audience to understand a relatively new profession.

Ask a question

This could be anything. What do your audience love about Autumn? What would they outsource to a Virtual Assistant? Is something stopping them hiring a Virtual Assistant? Anything that encourages engagement is a good thing. Just make ensure you reply to their comments on your post.

Recycle Virtual Assistant blog content

I do this all of the time! In fact, this blog is borne from a brief social media post I did. I have turned a simple list into a whole blog post by expanding on each of the items in the list. You can go the other way though – take blog posts and extract paragraphs for Virtual Assistant Instagram post ideas.

Read more on that here: Virtual Assistant Blog Post Ideas

Post about relevant national/international days

These sorts of posts are great for gaining traction through the associated hashtags and open up your account to new audiences who you may not have encountered otherwise. This could be anything to do with your business, your pets, your favourite food, national coffee day etc!

Posts about your products

You can put any slant on this that you want. Sharing a problem to which your product is the solution, can work really well. Or alternatively, you may have some availability coming up and would like to post about that. The key with sales posts is to not solely concentrate on them, and to create a lovely mix of posts that get your personality across and build rapport with your audience.

Still struggling for Virtual Assistant Instagram post ideas?

Then get in touch! This is what I do as a Virtual Assistant. I offer basic packages from content creation of 3 posts a week to more bespoke offerings which include interactions, posting to other platforms and into groups, and responding to messages.

Alternatively, check out my Virtual Assistant Instagram post ideas, with options for Facebook and Twitter too. Simply purchase from Etsy, and away you go!

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