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5 helpful post ideas for your Virtual Assistant blog

virtual assistant blog

If you have a Virtual Assistant website but you are not creating posts for your Virtual Assistant blog pages, then you are missing an opportunity to connect with potential clients who are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant.

(Read more on why a Virtual Assistant should have a Virtual Assistant website)

Not only will a blog give you a chance to explain your services in more detail than in social media posts, it will allow you to work on SEO and show up in search engine results when clients are searching for Virtual Assistants.

Sound good? Perfect! Here are some ideas for posts to get you started!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

When I first started out seven years ago, it was a much lesser-known profession than it is today. It was actually the first topic I tackled on my original website!

It is still a relevant question today though. So by explaining the background to the role, the niche you operate in plus the Virtual Assistant services you offer, you are putting yourself right out there for potential clients to find out more about your business.

How much is a Virtual Assistant?

This is a frequently Googled question as Virtual Assistant fees really do vary. It is also a good opportunity to work in subtly how a Virtual Assistant brings added value to a business. This can be through freeing up time that can be better spent elsewhere and also by identifying systems and processes which could be improved.

You could write a post including the following:

  • Whether you offer hourly/monthly rates
  • What your monthly packages include
  • If there is a minimum requirement each month
  • How long your contract is for

What happens if a Virtual Assistant makes a mistake

Utilise a blog post to explain that should worst come to the worst, you are covered with Virtual Assistant Business Insurance. Explain that equally, you will work with your clients to minimise the risk of mistakes occurring in the first place.

You could also use the post to talk about contracts for security for both parties.

Showcase a Virtual Assistant service

Use a blog post to demonstrate your skills in a certain area if possible.

For example, I work in social media creating graphics and copy for clients. I could create a blog with examples of a brief and how I have brought that to life. For example, see my post on Canva template for Instagram.

As with any service, it’s all words until a client sees you in action and so through a combination of work examples and client’s testimonials, you will create a perfect resume style post!

A client case study

Ask a client if they are happy to be used as a case study. You can even link to their website and have them link to yours to help boost your SEO.

Explore why they needed a Virtual Assistant, how they found you, why they decided to hire you, how it’s going, and plans for the future!

A perfect opportunity to showcase wonderful you!!

If writing’s not your thing….

Then get in touch and outsource! I do still accept clients where I have availability and I would love to write content for your Virtual Assistant website for you!

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