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Drowning under too much admin? Hire a Virtual Assistant now!

Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Why would you hire a Virtual Assistant? I don’t even have to think twice about what would have been my top tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant when I worked as a trainer. Expenses and receipts would have been number one! Every month I would start with good intentions of storing all those receipts together. Then I’d scrabbling around my bag/laptop case/notebooks/every single door pocket for all my various car parking receipts which were sometimes three or four a day when I was a regional trainer.

I resented spending up to two hours every month claiming back my own money which had been spent on work-related items. It was their work I was doing ….but my time and money facilitating it!

Wow – issues!

But this isn’t about me 🤣

Our lives are busier and more complicated than ever, but the great news is that there are more flexible options for support with our working lives than ever before as well. Hire a Virtual Assistant service and work with me!

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

I offer a range of Virtual Assistant services to my clients. They are little things that they just don’t have time to do or which detract from their main business or use of their skillset, such as:

  • carry out research
  • compile reports
  • create content and graphics for social media – see my Canva template for Instagram
  • set up social media pages
  • interact with followers
  • organise events
  • carry out data entry
  • upload blogs
  • I have written articles, reviewed websites, and also processes. The list could go on…..

What is on your to-do list?

If what you need isn’t on the list, then ask anyway. In a 13 year career covering events and training in the hospitality industry, I have learned to think outside the box and in creative ways to improve business processes in my role as a Virtual Assistant.

If you are sat there with thoughts running through your head along the lines of

‘I haven’t posted on Facebook in two months’

‘I really need to take down all last month’s events off the website’

‘all those bookings still need to go on the system’

then just drop me a line at and outsource it to my Virtual Assistant service! I’d love to hear from you and offer advice on how I could help your business growth plan.

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