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Virtual Assistant service – what will you offer?

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I get asked a lot what Virtual Assistant service I offer and I LOVE it, because I love the variety that comes with the answer. Knowing that I have that in my professional life makes me really happy!

Social media content creation

Right now my work consists mainly of social media content creation. By that I mean I write posts and create the graphics to go with them. I then schedule them for the majority of my clients who are on monthly packages. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

It’s not a random act, it’s a carefully planned and balanced process, looking at previous post analytics against mixed types of content to keep their audience engaged and interacting. I also keep an eye on what their competitors are doing and keep up-to-date with their industry in the news for any worthy items to share.

One client has an additional service on their package as they receive several messages a day via social media about their services, and so I respond to those as and when they come in as well.

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But what if you’re not into social media

I have several other clients who use my Virtual Assistant service on a pick up put down basis, getting in touch as and when they need some support.

This could involve anything from

  • adding blogs onto websites (see more at Virtual Assistant blog post ideas)
  • creating graphics such as Insta highlight covers (see more at Canva template for Instagram)
  • adding Facebook events
  • populating empty Facebook page sections such as Services
  • interacting with followers in Instagram
  • running reports
  • creating Powerpoint presentations
  • updating website content
  • proofreading
  • creating leaflets and posters

…. I could go on! Upwork is a great place to find work in any of the above niches.

In a nutshell I am a bit of a social media manager, graphic designer, copywriter, administrator all rolled into one.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Could my clients do these things themselves, for the vast majority of my clients – yes they could. Do they have the time to do them – possibly. But is their time better spent doing the core work of their business to support their growth plan – absolutely!

One hour of outsourced admin to me for my client will cost them £20. They can then fill that time with additional client calls or appointments – how much could they have earned in that time? Not an insignificant amount!

If you’re nodding along, thinking yes, I need a Virtual Assistant, please get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.

If you’re nodding yes but you’re not sure about letting go of part of your business for the first time, then I would recommend checking out my Facebook reviews. I have been the first person many of my clients have let in and it makes me so happy that they are glad they took that first outsourcing step.

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