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5 reasons you really need to build a Virtual Assistant website

virtual assistant website

Virtual Assistants, listen up – I am going to tell you why you need to build your Virtual Assistant website with WordPress.

Maybe you are wondering whether a website is a worthy investment when your business has come this far without one.

However Covid-19 has changed the way we all do business, perhaps forever. So could now be the time you make the move online?

Build a website with WordPress and make your Virtual Assistant business look more professional in the virtual world

If you’re the same as me, before enquiring with a business or making a purchase online, you will do some research. Think about when you have been planning a day out, or wanting to book a restaurant. Chances are you have done some Googling to find out some more before taking any action such as emailing, booking or deciding on visiting. I am sure there have been times when you haven’t been able to find a website for a business. What does it make you think? Does it make you pass over a business in favour of another?

It is difficult to know for sure but consider the Virtual Assistant job opportunities you may have lost out on over the years by not having a website….

When a potential client searches for ‘Virtual Assistant near me’, will your Facebook page even show up in the results? If it does, is it going to stack up against three or four other Virtual Assistants websites detailing their services, testimonials, contact information and social links?

Think of it as a shop front for your Virtual Assistant business

As a Virtual Assistant, you are self-employed and generally working from home online, so how do people find out about you? What’s a Virtual Assistant anyway?

You may have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and Linkedin profile, but none of them give the overall view of your business in an easily navigable manner. This is something which a website is perfect for. Additionally, what if someone comes off Facebook or Twitter? Where will they then find information out about you?

A Virtual Assistant website gives potential clients a single landing page. That’s all it needs to be – one page, where all your information is readily available and easy to use.

All it needs to have is a list of your services and some client testimonials. Links to all your social media sites, contact information and information to comply with legal requirements is also recommended.

You can attract new clients through Google

I am no web expert but even I found it super-easy to connect my website with Google in order to become searchable and visible for potential new clients.

An excellent way to build your SEO is through a Virtual Assistant blog.

Read more: this blog from Blackbird PLR has some brilliant tips on building traffic to your website.

I have a Google My Business page as well, with client reviews on there and I post updates and offers. The analytics tools are super-helpful in informing my Virtual Assistant business’s progression.

If you have won an award, you may have been given an html code to enable you to embed the award on your website. Without a website, how are you shouting about your win?!

I have no awards (yet!!!) but I do have a profile on a freelance website called which operates on a similar principle. It is possible to embed a widget on my website to ‘hire me’ as a Virtual Assistant through People Per Hour if I wanted to.

Perhaps you are an affiliate for a brand, as I am for PolicyBee Virtual Assistant insurance and Get Blogged. Or you have a product that people can buy such as I have my Virtual Assistant training course. A website gives you a landing page with outbound links for all these things!

No web design skills are required!

After conducting a lot of research, I decided to go for Siteground for creating my website

Their hosting is affordable, super-fast and their customer service is top-notch; the perfect place to build a website with WordPress

There are plugins for everything you can imagine, and so many themes to choose from, all drag and drop so it is super user-friendly!

Control of my website is in my hands, and for a very affordable price. Why not give them a visit and see if you too could build a website with WordPress for your business.

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