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How to live your dream; working from home online as a Virtual Assistant!

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Do you dream of working from home online as a Virtual Assistant? You can stop searching how to set up! With this blog I am going to give you a home business to start today!

Just imagine being able to work completely flexibly around your other commitments, whether that be your family, travel or another employment. If you’re wondering how to become a Virtual Assistant, working from home online for one or multiple clients, my Virtual Assistant training will give you the knowledge to set up and benefit from the flexibility you crave and make money online from anywhere!

How I began working from home online as a Virtual Assistant

I started out as a freelance Virtual Assistant in 2015. From an events background originally, I worked as a trainer in the hospitality industry prior to becoming a Virtual Assistant. It was during my second maternity leave when I couldn’t get the sums of salary vs childcare to add up. It began just in the evenings at first and then I gradually increased my hours. I built up my clients and income once she started nursery and then school. Since then, I have worked for dozens of clients. They have included a Dental Marketing Consultant, a private scanning clinic, child sleep consultants, and a well-known scientist.

Nearly seven years on and I am not only living my maternity leave pipedream, but I am now teaching others who are dreaming of working from home online! To date, I have had 449 students sign up for my Virtual Assistant course.

This Virtual Assistant course will give you insight into working from home online options and will teach you the basics. It covers the realistic first steps you need to take to get set up and operational, offering your skills of choice as a Virtual Assistant, so you can make money at home.

Topics covered……

Bonus resources included in course fee

  • Planners
  • Trackers
  • Social media tips
  • Social media plans
  • Fees calculator
  • Links to websites I use for design, branding, client leads and a negotiated discount on Virtual Assistant insurance

Who this Virtual Assistant training is for…….

For anyone looking to take their very first steps in setting up as a Virtual Assistant, who have not already done extensive research. I have designed this course to save you precious time Googling ‘How to Become a Virtual Assistant‘ and watching hours of YouTube videos. I am taking my seven years experience as a qualified trainer and seven years experience as a Virtual Assistant, and giving you the first steps you need to take to get set up and operational as a Virtual Assistant if you are looking at working from home online.

Student feedback:

“I’ve enjoyed completing this course. It is well presented with helpful content and fitted around my schedule for learning. Jen has a lovely engaging quality and friendly screen presence which makes the course easy to engage with. Her journey is inspiring and demonstrates the possibilities of developing a freelance career. As someone who has not been self-employed before it was extremely helpful to hear Jen’s journey to acquiring clients, especially as she needed to be as flexible as possible to suit her family’s needs. As a result of working through this course, I feel that I could now start on this journey as the content and guidance has given me the confidence to seriously consider an online career.”

Find out more!

Already established?

If you are already set up as a Virtual Assistant, why not check out my recommended small business tools and Virtual Assistant templates to streamline some key processes.

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