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How to build credibility fast for your Virtual Assistant Services UK!

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You need clients to believe they can trust you, before they take that plunge into taking on your Virtual Assistant Services UK.

So what does credibility mean exactly?

“The quality of being trusted and believed in”

Think about when you are hiring someone for a job. Perhaps a tradesperson for some work around the house. What do you look for? Chances are you look for someone who has been personally recommended, or has good reviews if you are searching online.

This is no different! You are going to be an individual in this case providing a Virtual Assistant job online, and so you need to build credibility and have people trust you and have faith in what you can offer before they decide to take things forward.

The key to credibility is feedback and reviews

Reviews and testimonials give a person confidence in your brand. A client who can read your reviews is more likely to have confidence in your skills and abilities and Virtual Assistant Services UK, than if you don’t have any.

Getting feedback will also boost YOUR confidence in YOU. This is crucial when you are working for yourself.

A quick case study. I was recently tagged in a post on a Facebook page by an old friend. A local children’s entertainer needed someone 2 hours per week for remote admin and social media. The budget was below my Virtual Assistant fees so I contacted them to ask if it was a fixed fee. It turned out there was some room for manoeuvre. I signposted them to my Facebook reviews section, as they can see for themselves, that they will have a job well done and so it could be worth paying more for someone with experience than someone with no feedback/references.

The client needs to have confidence that they will have an efficient admin assistant, and I have the confidence in my skills to justify my hourly rate – it works both ways.

Where to get reviews from

If you are just starting out as a Virtual Assistant and haven’t yet had any clients to leave reviews, well the chances are, you have worked somewhere for someone before. Make a list of ex-colleagues/managers/clients who it would be appropriate to contact for a review or testimonial of your work.

Think outside the box – are you involved in any charities or voluntary organisations whereby you could obtain some feedback? I know some Mums heavily involved in the PTA at school – you could obtain feedback which comments on your reliability/efficiency/creativity/financial knowledge or whatever it may be.

Reviews from clients

Simply ask! Have the confidence that they will be only too happy to oblige. When you ask, be mindful of where you would like the review to go and ensure that your client has access. Do they have a Facebook account or Google account in order to be able to leave reviews on those platforms? How about Linkedin? It may be useful for your client if you have a brief set of instructions you can send.

Even better than a review

Would a client be happy to write more of a case study or be interviewed by you in order to create a more extended piece of content? This would be an excellent Virtual Assistant blog post ideas for your Virtual Assistant website!

Another consideration

It would be remiss of me to not mention at this point the reassurance that having Virtual Assistant Business Insurance can bring to a client. No one likes to think the worst, but put it this way. Would you check if a tradesperson had insurance before they started a building project on your house? Of course you would!

Well, think about your clients. They are letting someone new into their business, their livelihood, something they have built up and are proud of. They have a reputation to maintain and knowing that a Virtual Assistant has insurance in case anything should go wrong, goes some way to reassure a client of your credibility.

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