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Take my Virtual Assistant course and find clients immediately like this student did!

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Are you sat on the fence about taking a Virtual Assistant course UK?

I know I was. Perhaps because I just dabbled with being a VA at first, I didn’t feel the need to formalise things with Virtual Assistant training.

My primary aim was to earn some extra money working from home online whilst I was on maternity leave and I was managing to do just that.

But do I wish I had? Absolutely….. and I’ll explain why!

How sustainable are your client search methods?

By this I mean, do you feel like you have a limitless untapped pool of client potential, or are the places you are looking feeling saturated already?

The method I used when I started out wasn’t sustainable….constantly pitching against others on freelancer job sites and lowering my Virtual Assistant fees in order to win a piece of business, working myself to the point of burnout just to compete.

As an option, it was certainly useful and served a purpose which still serves me to this day. But using that in isolation without deploying any other methods, was never going to see me be a contender as a Virtual Assistant.

Does it sound familiar? Are you treading over what feels like stagnant ground, going in circles with nothing really changing.

How different my start could have been by taking a Virtual Assistant course UK

If I had just taken a Virtual Assistant course UK and learned some strategies for success right from the start, from someone who had been there before, then I could have scaled more quickly and confidently, bringing in those high-ticket, low-stress clients at an earlier stage. Rather than those who wanted the world for minimum wage.

Case and point – one of my very first students

One of my very first Virtual Assistant course completers gained a ton of warm clients leads immediately after finishing!

All she did was post on her own personal Facebook page that she had completed the course and she had a flurry of comments straight away!!!

People asking her what work she did

Asking what her Virtual Assistant fees were

Telling her about people they could put her in touch with

She hadn’t even said she was looking for work……that is how powerful social media can be, and how in-demand Virtual Assistant services are right now.

Student feedback for my Virtual Assistant course UK

Here is what that student had to say about my Virtual Assistant course UK.

“I’ve enjoyed completing this course. It is well presented with helpful content and fitted around my schedule for learning. Jen has a lovely engaging quality and friendly screen presence which makes the course easy to engage with. Her journey is inspiring and demonstrates the possibilities of developing a freelance career. As someone who has not been self-employed before it was extremely helpful to hear Jen’s journey to acquiring clients, especially as she needed to be as flexible as possible to suit her family’s needs. As a result of working through this course, I feel that I could now start on this journey as the content and guidance has given me the confidence to seriously consider an online career.”

Are you hungry for more?

Then download my ebook for solid advice from a time-served Virtual Assistant. Eight tried and tested methods for finding clients for your Virtual Assistant business.

And, the best news is that it isn’t an exhaustive list. I just explore strategies that have worked for me and will work for you too!

Ask yourself this – what impact could that have on your business? Can you afford to be missing out on this advice?

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10 thoughts on “Take my Virtual Assistant course and find clients immediately like this student did!”

  1. Your course sounds fascinating, and it’s great to hear that your students have been able to make an impact straight away. I love my job at the moment, but when I want a bit more freedom, I might just be your next student.

  2. This sounds really interesting. A lot of people want to start their own business but don’t know. A course is a great way for anyone to get started.

  3. I’ve always been curious about getting into this side of things. I currently blog and freelance but have wondered if I should add more services. I may well do when my smallest goes off to school.

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