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How to find a Virtual Assistant job in the UK

virtual assistant job in uk

I recently ran a poll on my Facebook page to find out what training my followers wanted to see from me next. The result was how to find a virtual assistant job, or clients. I am not surprised – it’s the perfect option for people looking for jobs that work from home part time.

It gave me the push that I needed in order to set up a new page on my website dedicated to helping Virtual Assistants find work.

My new page – Virtual Assistant Job UK

So, with this page I give you a round-up of resources to help find clients or a Virtual Assistant job in the UK.

  • Links to Virtual Assistant job adverts I have found out there online
  • Links to freelance work sites
  • Links to useful blog posts

…… and an area where I will advertise any jobs which I am lucky enough to have been approached by clients to post on their behalf. Keep an eye out!

But first, some realism – you know I love it!

I am brimming full of positivity here that I can help lots of people get their Virtual Assistant booked out. But it also needs a commitment from the individual, to put the work in and carry bags of resilience.

The internet is absolutely full of overnight success stories. In my humble opinion, if it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is!

Don’t be disheartened if you get no likes in your first week of posting. Don’t be put off by seeing other Virtual Assistants posting about their lovely, shiny clients. You will get there, in time!

It means a commitment to building new habits. For example, posting regularly on social media, building your credibility through client reviews, building profiles on external sites etc.

Get your 8 actionable strategies here

If reading isn’t your thing

I am working on bringing my book to life with an online course on how to find clients or a Virtual Assistant job in the UK. It will consist of mainly the same content, but revamped and in more detail.

Why not join my mailing list to be one of the first to hear about it!


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