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This is the reason you need to stop searching for Virtual Assistant UK jobs now!

virtual assistant uk jobs

Virtual Assistant UK jobs – where are they all hey?

If you have completed my Virtual Assistant course or other Virtual Assistant training, then you will know the reason already – big reveal – they don’t really exist!

Virtual Assistants tend to be self-employed, working from home online for a number of clients, which is why you won’t find them advertised on regular job search sites or yield much from searching ‘Virtual Assistant UK jobs’.

So where are the clients?

This is what is so exciting about being a Virtual Assistant – they are everywhere!

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A chance conversation with a mum at the school gates could lead to your next big contract, or an old school friend may tag you in a Facebook post they have seen asking for some admin support. Yes these are both things that have happened to me!

So no more searching Virtual Assistant UK jobs?

Absolutely no need to – it will only demotivate you in your quest!

In my six years as a Virtual Assistant, I have found clients in all manner of ways and through my course I explore this further.

However to delve into the topic in way way more detail, I will soon be releasing an ebook absolutely jam packed full of support for Virtual Assistants of all levels, specifically on this topic!

Thanks for reading!

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