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The one where my free Virtual Assistant course went viral!

free virtual assistant course

For Random Acts of Kindness Day last week, I offered a free Virtual Assistant course!

The why….

Essentially the news has been getting me down! I try not to watch it anymore, but when you spend your days on social media as I do as part of my Virtual Assistant services, it is hard to avoid it. Covid, politics, war, increasing bills……it paints a rather sombre picture of life!

But then #randomactsofkindness started appearing in my feed last Thursday and I thought, wow, what a lovely thing to cheer people up! On a real whim, I decided that I wanted to do something.

The idea….

When Covid hit in 2020 I lost 90% of my freelance work in the course of a week. My husband was in a temporary maternity cover position due to finish a few months later, and so as a family we were looking down the barrel at living off my part-time employment income!

It was terrifying and I would never want anyone to feel the worry that we experienced during those few months until my husband secured a permanent contact and my freelance business picked up.

Despite the worry, I felt a lot of support during that period. Friends and family would share posts for me when I was advertising my services and just listen.

Paying it forward

Life picked up and I am eternally grateful. I count my blessings and working hard every day to maintain!

Offering my Virtual Assistant beginners course for free just felt right and I was of the mentality that if it helped just one person, then that would be amazing! BUT, it was shared by an amazing Facebook page – The Work From Home Hub – UK – and basically, it exploded!! In my eyes, it went viral…..

Around 15,000 people saw the first post and here we are 5 days on and it has closed with 359 enrolments! 359!!

What next?

I am still in a vague state of shock and utterly flabbergasted by the response! I knew the demand for Virtual Assistants and therefore those looking for a Virtual Assistant job UK had grown in the time I have been working as one, but my free Virtual Assistant Course has made me realise just how huge it is. I am here on in upping my ante!

Already I have created a Facebook group for my course completers, but it’s not exclusive. So if you are a Virtual Assistant then come and join, I’d love to see you there! Do please sign up in the box on the right hand side of this page to join my mailing list. Be first to hear about any future discounts!

Then next – very probably another Virtual Assistant book! How does one on social media for Virtual Assistants sound?? Let me know in the comments!

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