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My top four save money tips for business essentials!

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I always look for save money tips and hate to spend more than I need to on anything!

My whole Virtual Assistant business was borne from a desire to not spend the entirety of my earnings on childcare. So I could just go to work to pay the childcare. And repeat. Until kids are in high school! As well as having your family finances in order, you need to ensure you manage your finances as a Virtual Assistant in the same way.

We are inundated with so many choices when it comes to pretty much any purchase decision we make and it is no different for our Virtual Assistant job. Who should I turn to for web design, should I hire a graphic designer for a project or do it myself? The choices are made harder by being time-poor and on our own with no one to bounce ideas off.

To help you cover a few key bases I have pulled together my personal recommendations, to hopefully save you time and save money. All of which are brands I use as a Virtual Assistant. Read on for more info and details of exclusive discounts I have secured….

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We are human and we make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes can cost our clients. It is a sensible option to have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place because let’s face it, we just never know what is round the corner! I have teamed up with PolicyBee to get you a 10% discount on a new Virtual Assistant Insurance policy.

Save money on graphic design work

I was recommended Canva several years ago and haven’t looked back. But is Canva free, I hear you cry! Well, there is a free option which I started on. But I quickly upgraded to the Canva Pro package on a monthly fee. This was mainly for access to over 2 million stock images. The monthly fee is more than covered by the time I save looking for images for my client’s posts!! Through it, I have designed leaflets, invitations, postcards, posters, logos, social media posts for all platforms, banners, I could go on and on. I have so much love for Canva and it’s beautiful designs and easy-to-use tools. I honestly can’t recommend it enough! This link will give you access to Canva Pro free for 30 days so you too can sample it’s sheer wonderfulness!

Business services price comparison website

A crucial business essential for a Virtual Assistant is a separate phone just for work purposes, so you can effectively separate your home and business lives and minimise your risk of burnout from work.

To find you the best deal on contracts and save time as well as money, make sure you use Icompario price comparison services at

In addition to business telecoms services which include phone and broadband, they cover fuel cards, vehicle tracking systems and insurance, and scour the product ranges from Radius and its partners to find you the best deals.

Freelance work website

I have used this site for over 10 years now, as a way to find freelance work. But have had it at the back of my mind as a resource to find freelancers to help me. Maybe you need some financial advice or something creating in a package you are not familiar with. The site is a veritable feast of freelancer talent! By signing up using my link you are gifted £30 to spend on the site (terms apply)

For more save money tips for business, visit my Virtual Assistant business resources page or why not try some ones in general life.

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This page contains a sponsored link and affiliate links, which means I may earn advertising incentives/fees if you sign up through my links at no additional cost to you. By providing links to brands I trust, my website is helped to keep afloat. Thank you for your support!

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