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Virtual Assistant job from home – how to find one!

virtual assistant job from home

I’ll let you into a secret, there are no expert tactics involved in finding a Virtual Assistant job from home!

In bringing you this weekly blog post containing Virtual Assistant jobs UK, all I do is:

1) conduct online job searches

2) receive alerts on Linkedin for any Virtual Assistant roles that are advertised. By signing up, I receive round-up notifications in the app and an email straight to my inbox.

Top tips to find a Virtual Assistant job from home

Firstly, verify that the role you have found is actually a Virtual Assistant job. So many posts state ‘Virtual Assistant online work’ or something similar in the title, but in fact, are recruiting participants in focus groups for example.

Secondly, if you come across a recruiter advertising Virtual Assistant jobs, then contact them directly to see if you can enrol for alerts and notifications. Don’t simply apply for that one Virtual Assistant job.

Thirdly, check the location of the Virtual Assistant job. So many look like they are a Virtual Assistant job UK, but when you scroll to the bottom of the advert, the salary is in dollars aargh!!

Fourthly, don’t be disheartened if your searches do not find much in the way of results to begin with. As I have covered in other posts on my Virtual Assistant blog, employed Virtual Assistant jobs are still pretty new. It has tended to be an industry in which Virtual Assistants operated as freelance self-employed professionals.

This week’s work from home jobs

Virtual Assistant

Personal Assistant – remote working


All of the above Virtual Assistant jobs are advertised in full on external websites by clicking the corresponding hyperlinks. I am not responsible for the content of the advert. All enquiries should be directed to the advertiser on the corresponding pages.

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