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The weekly round-up; Virtual Assistant jobs from home you can apply for now!

virtual assistant jobs from home

Last week I announced that I would be posting weekly Virtual Assistant jobs from home that I had found online.

After receiving feedback from a number of my Virtual Assistant course completers and receiving messages from people interested in working as a Virtual Assistant, it would seem that this is the missing link in my resources!

Each week I plan to post two to three Virtual Assistant jobs UK that I have found online. These will generally be employed roles, for those that want the security and benefits that employment brings. Remember though, this is not the only option and Virtual Assistants do tend to be self-employed with their own clients, which is how I operate!

How to become a Virtual Assistant

There is no one route into working as a Virtual Assistant. You can be part-time or full-time, self-employed freelance or employed. The best news is that with the huge shift to working from home online over the past two years, there have never been more Virtual Assistant jobs from home available than now!

For more on how I got into it, check out my Virtual Assistant blog and my Virtual Assistant training, which is a beginner’s guide.

Genuine work from home jobs UK

My weekly posts will contain genuine work from home Virtual Assistant jobs in the UK. There will be no spurious options! So many ‘jobs’ end up with the tag ‘Virtual Assistant’. I have seen market research schemes advertised as Virtual Assistant jobs, when they are not this at all! What I find will be genuine Virtual Assistant jobs, either salaried or freelance. Or they will be opportunities that a Virtual Assistant could apply for, though it may have a different job title. For example, ‘Online Admin Assistant’.

Virtual Assistant jobs

So here goes with the Virtual Assistant jobs I have found this week:

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Virtual Assistant – Graduate Job


All of the above Virtual Assistant jobs are advertised in full on external websites by clicking the corresponding hyperlinks. I am not responsible for the content of the advert. All enquiries should be directed to the advertiser on the corresponding pages.

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