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You don’t need to be a content strategist!

content strategist

But you’re going to feel like a content strategist by the end of this post. I am going to teach you how to keep a piece of content paying you, or your client, time and time again so you can box clever and be as efficient and productive as possible with your precious time.

Have you heard of repurposing?

You probably have when it comes to eco matters, but did you know you can also repurpose your content? And no, it’s not lazy, it’s downright smart!

It involves taking a piece of content and changing it into a different format, generally for a different audience.

How do you do it?

So for starters, let’s take the humble post on your Virtual Assistant blog as an example. When you or maybe even your client posts one, is that the end of the story, apart from a few shares on social media?

There’s so much more you can use a blog for! So I am going to keep things simple and list a few examples:

  • There is no need to think up brand new Virtual Assistant Instagram post ideas. Simply create social media posts for Insta/Facebook using excerpts of text as captions, or as quotes on a graphic
  • Share each of those posts as story and add a link sticker with the blog URL
  • Create pins for Pinterest
  • Turn it into a podcast episode
  • Save it for a chapter of an ebook
  • Put it towards a video script for an online course

Have you already done it?

Chances are you probably have and are already more of a content strategist than you give yourself credit for!

Have you shared a client review as a post on your Facebook page? That’s repurposing!

Give it a go and report back!

I love to hear from you, so do please get in touch and tell me how you’re doing with it.

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Thanks for reading!

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